4 Reasons every Boatbuilder needs LED FlexGlow Lighting

Boatbuilders have many things to consider when crafting a stunning water vessel from start to finish. From hardware to fiberglass, a lot of consideration is had. This also includes lighting.  FlexGlow LED Lighting brings an entirely new element to the equation making lighting decisions a no-brainer.


1.)  High Quality

The light consistency quality with FlexGlow LED lighting is immense. This light was shown at the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition & Conference in 2017 with dozens of boatbuilders noticing how consistently bright this light is throughout— blowing tape lighting out of the water. Its uniform luminous lighting contains no dark spots with the best quality length being no longer than 9 ft lengths. High quality, anti-yellowing heat resistant silicon is used throughout the light.



2.) Variety

There are a variety of options that come with FlexGlow LED Lighting. This includes options like the T Series & 3-Sided Series. The T-Series allows the light strip to be bent horizontally, while the 3-Sided Series can be bent vertically. Both series lend themselves well to being recessed into flooring, galley walls, cabinets, upholstery, & more. LED light color options include white, blue, or RGB.


3.) Durable & Versatile

With the easy-bend design of the FlexGlow LED Lighting, it can easily maneuver into awkward spaces that thick, bulky interior/exterior lighting cannot. With an IP67 water proof rating, this light gives peace of mind with the ability to sustain the high seas.


4.) Easy Install

The installation of this light is effortless. Aluminum bracket clip mounts are provided with FlexGlow Lighting. Simply fasten the aluminum bracket clip mounts to your surface and the FlexGlow LED Lighting easily snaps into the bracket creating a secure hold and easy install.

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