5 benefits to upgrading office lighting

1.) Reduce real costs in a short timeframe.LED office lighting photo

Want to reduce your office lighting energy bill?  Switching to LED office lighting will save you at least 40% on your energy bills.   With a lifespan of 10’s of thousands of hours, quality LED fixtures help avoid costly maintenance. If you have a lighting contract, now is the time to kiss it goodbye!

2.) Create a more desirable workspace.

Fluorescent bulbs constantly degrade in output and burn out, creating an odd lighting situation in as office space which can affect job performance.  With the consistency of LEDs, you can transform your office space into a brighter, more productive environment that will have a noticeable effect on mood and performance.

3.) Improve corporate image.

LEDs are a green technology, and by converting to them, you’ll help eliminate a tremendous amount of carbon emissions.  It’s good for the planet and great for your image as a company.

4.) Quality light for the long haul.led-office-lighting-2x2-troffer

Superior lifespan is the hallmark of LED light fixtures.  Recent breakthroughs have allowed LEDs to have a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours at a minimum, with several fixtures being rated over 100,000 hours and realistic lifespans of 150,000+ hours.  Many LED lighting products come with 5 and 10 year guarantees on those fixtures, ensuring a hassle-free way to save money, time, and the environment.

5.) More options than ever before.

There are dozens of choices to pick from to update your LED office lighting.  If cost is an issue, many companies have bulb replacements that work with your existing fixtures and ballasts.  If you like your existing fixture, but want the light source upgraded with an ultra-efficient LED fixture, there are retrofit kits already built out to fit your fixture.  If you want to scrap the whole fixture and drop in a brand new troffer, there are lots of options out there for that as well.  There is never been a better time to upgrade your office lighting.


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