Agriculture and GENISYS

The GENISYS team is located in the heart of Iowa, a proud agricultural state.  Even something as natural as farming, though, has undergone a technological renaissance and agriculture has grown increasingly sophisticated over the years. Tractors drive themselves.  Farm managers can remotely monitor an asset’s fuel use, location, and soil amendment applications all in the name of greater efficiency.  Now, GENISYS is helping farmers utilize technology outside of the fields.


By incorporating GENISYS PoE Lighting into their 75,000 square foot building, Handsaker Farms is taking a large step to increasing their energy efficiency.  Office spaces, meeting rooms, and shop spaces are all illuminated via the GENISYS system.  The massive vehicle bays, however, require larger lights that aren’t capable (yet) of being powered via PoE.


The high bay fixtures being mounted in the vehicle bays, though, are still controlled by GENISYS, demonstrating the system’s flexibility.  By incorporating high voltage lighting into the GENISYS system, efficiencies are larger and controls are kept simple.  GENISYS sensors monitor activity in equipment bays, making certain no energy is wasted if vacancy is detected.  Workers can simply stroll into an area they need to work in and the lights will come on automatically, with no long walk to a distant light switch required.


The GENISYS team will continue to provide updates on this job- it’s scheduled to be completed this summer.