Cisco Live

Innovative Lighting’s GENISYS team presented at Cisco Live! in the Internet of Things Digital Ceiling Pavilion.  Whew.  A lot of buzzwords there, so let’s break them down:

  • Cisco Live! – an event held by Cisco, a leading networking equipment company, that seeks to educate, inform and introduce new technologies to IT professionals
  • Internet of Things – The eventual reality of a technological world where every day devices are networked, capture and record data.  The data is processed and utilized for the sake of making human lives easier and more efficient.
  • Digital Ceiling – Cisco’s term for the convergence and digitization of everything currently in your ceiling, with added features.  Things like lighting, HVAC, sensing, etc, are unified under the Digital Ceiling with futuristic features like white light color tenability, daylight harvesting, and foot traffic monitoring, and much more.

There was a lot more packed into that sentence than those buzzwords let on, huh?  Now that we’re on the same page with where we were and what we were doing, it’s pretty easy to see why GENISYS would be involved with this event.  GENISYS already performs several of the “futuristic” features of the digital ceiling and will offer even more when GENISYS 4.0 is released.

For that which GENISYS doesn’t currently do, we’ve opened our system for 3rd party integration so others technologies can work through our system.  So, while we designed GENISYS to control and manage every aspect of a lighting system, we realize that a convergence with HVAC and other common technologies are on the horizon.  It won’t be long before the Digital Ceiling is operational through GENISYS!

Since Cisco and GENISYS share the same interests, we were happy to share about our technology with all in attendance at Cisco Live! and we look forward to more opportunities in the future.