Innovative Lighting continues to break barriers in the lighting industry with its GENISYS Power over Ethernet Lighting Systems. GENISYS technologies have unlocked efficiencies never before possible by using ethernet cables to both power and control LED light fixtures.  Governed by advanced, integrated control software, the GENISYS system pushes energy savings to an unprecedented 90%. In the age of a networked world and the Internet of Things, GENISYS is the future of illumination.

By utilizing the simple brilliance of an Ethernet cable to both power and control LED fixtures, Power over Ethernet lighting provides ultimate simplicity to an otherwise confusing Internet of Things (IoT).  Every single component in GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems is powered and controlled by an Ethernet cable.  Smart lighting has never been so simple.

Low costs of the GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems are the most sensible lighting system on the market today.  Ethernet cables cost very little compared to heavy duty copper wire and conduit used for traditional lighting.  Savings generated by cable costs are only the beginning of a litany of value offered by GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems:  Your ceiling becomes a complete networked entity of its own, compatible with future offerings requiring connectivity.  The Internet of Things is coming and with GENISYS, you’ll be ready.

Aside from futuristic controllability and cost savings, Power over Ethernet Lighting by GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems will instantly improve your company’s “green” profile.  Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to both consumers and lawmakers (and related legislation) alike.  Get ahead of the sustainability curve with GENISYS.

Simply Safer.  Simply Smarter.  Simply Sensible.  Simply Sustainable.   GENISYS:  Simply Brilliant.

Press Release

Innovative Lighting is pleased to announce the launch of its GENISYS Power Over Ethernet LED Lighting System. Effective immediately, Innovative Lighting’s PoE Lighting Technology, in all of its forms, will now operate as GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems.

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Starting at the switch  –  System power for the GENISYS PoE Lighting System comes from a PoE+ (30W per port) or a UPoE (60W per port) networking switch.  An open IEEE infrastructure means that you can use the PoE Switch of your choice.

Adding Intelligence – From the switch, Ethernet cables are run to the Intellidrive.  The Intellidrive is a power management device, data recorder, and networking tool that enables GENISYS efficiencies.  A whopping 32 bit architecture ensures that the Intellidrive will be ready for the devices of tomorrow.

Maximizing Versatility – Three Ethernet ports line the front of the Intellidrive – White Light, RGB, and Controls.  White Light is used for familiar light fixtures which emanate the shades of white we are all used to seeing in traditional settings.  RGB manages color changing fixtures which are tunable to any color you desire.

Ready for Anything  – The Controls port is used to connect peripheral devices such as switches and sensors.  Touch sensitive, fully dimmable wall switches can be daisy-chained with sensors capable of Occupancy, Vacancy, Daylight Harvesting, and Ambient Temperature Sensing.  The location for each device is set via software.

A smart system programmed for your needs, reporting to you

Bring your facility’s energy management into focus with fully customizable lighting – advanced scheduling, action sets, device management, data collection, and reporting at your fingertips.

Choose Your Scale  – Control your entire building with a click, enter settings for individual rooms, or get granular by dividing up rooms into Sub-Spaces.

Specificity & Capability  – Want 10 dimmers for a single space?  Prefer to have blue lights come on in the afternoon and morph into red by the end of the day?  Maybe increase efficiency to such a high degree that your fixtures will last 50 years?  Extremes are possible with GENISYS.

Usable Data – Analytics and ultra precise usage data provide enormous energy savings potential and cloud based service means you can monitor your facility from anywhere.

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