Fun with GENISYS

Harry Aller, our CTO, decided to have a little fun with the GENISYS PoE Lighting System- he played a little music and the system did the rest.  When the performance was over, though, we realized that this display highlighted several cool features of GENISYS and PoE lighting in general.

The first is system speed.  You’ll notice how fast these commercial fixtures are able to react to their programming.  Aside from being practical, cool, and fun (an unusual grouping already), we also see future applications for signaling  of all kinds.

Secondly you’ll notice that every light and component in GENISYS is individually addressable.  With PoE or networked lighting, we have the unique capability of calling into action single fixtures, rather than the groups of fixtures normally determined by an AC circuit.  The advantages of individual addressability are nearly infinite, but a concrete example from an installation we just completed was a reception area with two attendants.  Each employee preferred different light levels, and were surprised and excited when we could make that happen for them.  That’s just one of the multitude of advantages offered by individual addressability.

Lastly, you’ll notice Dynamic Zoning, or fixtures placed into groups and then those groups shifting in a fluid fashion.  GENISYS PoE Lighting makes fixture grouping a breeze and you can always regroup at any time, on the fly.  This video just shows an extreme example of this notion.  Remember, extremes are possible with GENISYS.

Enjoy the video, more Innovative things are always in the works at Innovative Lighting!