Innovative Lighting, pioneer in Power over Ethernet lighting, has unveiled its new GENISYS Lighting Software Suite (codenamed “GENISYS 4.0”) with the launch of the PoE brand’s new website,  The new software is the backbone of their PoE Lighting System and features a host of new technologies to again push the boundaries of lighting.  Breakthroughs like Rhythm, Adaptive Daylight Harvesting, and ActiveLight are a few of the new features designed to help GENISYS adapt, sense, and support more lighting schemes than ever before.

“We’re aiming to give users even more control in an even simpler fashion,” said Patrick Meyer, CEO of Innovative Lighting.  “With our new Software Suite, we’re delivering a lot of ‘Wow!’ moments with our customers.”

Innovative Lighting is maintaining an astounding 90% energy savings over traditional lighting, with new features like the following claiming a leap forward in both form and function:

  • Rhythm – ColorTune white light tuning approximates natural light cycles, increasing productivity in the workplace;
  • ActiveLight – Fixture-level trim and prioritizing of fixtures offers decreased energy use and better lighting for users;
  • User Management – Enterprise level user management enables tiered user accounts to allow user control of the system at any level;
  • Nested Zoning – Offering limitless customization, Nested Zoning offers advanced grouping of light fixtures and control hardware;
  • Third Party Support – More open than ever, GENISYS accepts more 3rd party devices and technologies.

“GENISYS now offers advanced, premium features that AC lighting simply can’t do and others make available only to the largest pocketbooks.  We’re changing the game,” said Wendell Strong, GENISYS PoE Lighting Manager.

Additionally, the new software has new presets for existing hardware to alter functionality.  Wall switches can now dim lights, change RGB colors, alter white light tuning with ColorTune, and activate scenes with the push of a button.  Sensors can do more than ever before as software changes have allowed Adaptive Daylight Harvesting, simultaneously increasing functionality, customization, and energy savings.

To highlight all the new features of the new Software Suite, Innovative Lighting has launched a new website for its GENISYS brand. will offer detailed views of the system and its features, supporting documentation, instructional videos, and much more when it fully launches on February 14th, 2017.

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