Park Fair Mall opened in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1956 and has seen its fair share of changes.  Fast forward almost 60 years and the historic mall is ready for its largest lighting change yet – an energy efficient LED retrofit of fluorescent fixtures.

As you can see in the photographs, the existing fluorescent fixtures left the mall with a dim, yellow hue.  In order to match Park Fair Mall’s upscale tenants, a change was needed, and Park Fair Mall called Innovative Lighting’s Commercial LED Lighting division.

First, Innovative’s team replaced the dated 2×2 fluorescent troffers with the state of the art LED A2 Architectural Troffers, making an immediate impact on the main thoroughfares of the mall.  The mall’s security guard took notice immediately and mentioned, “it looks so much better than it did before.”

Facility managers were also thrilled about the LED troffer and bulb installation, mentioning how often they had to change bulbs and what a hassle it could be.  “For certain situations we’d have to build scaffolding,” they said.  “We’d change bulbs all the time and they’d always have ugly discoloration.”

Continual re-lamping of the basement light fixtures would be a thing of the past as Innovative Lighting’s Optifit LED Tube were selected as the replacement for the T8 fluorescents.   The installation was exceedingly easy and straightforward as 191 fixtures were installed in under 2 days.

Contact Innovative Lighting to see how Commercial LED Lighting can make a serious impact on the appearance of your space and reduce your energy bills.”