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Fun with GENISYS

Harry Aller, our CTO, decided to have a little fun with the GENISYS PoE Lighting System- he played a little music and the system did the rest.  When the performance was over, though, we realized that this display highlighted several cool features of GENISYS and PoE lighting in general. The first is system speed.  You’ll […]

GENISYS featured in LEDs Magazine

Last week we published a press release from Communications Engineering Company (CEC) announcing their addition of PoE lighting to their offerings and their partnership with GENISYS.  We’re very excited to have CEC on board and it seems others are taking notice as well.  In an IoT discussion full of potential and future possibilities, GENISYS offers […]

CEC Adds New PoE Lighting Technology to its Portfolio

VIA Quad Cities Chamber 28 OCTOBER, 2016 CEC, a nationally recognized systems and technology integrator based in Hiawatha, IA, is excited to announce the availability of a new lighting technology that uses Ethernet cables to power and control LED lighting fixtures. Through a partnership with Innovative Lighting, a market leader in LED technology, CEC offers […]

DIRTT Environmental Solutions has selected Innovative Lighting

We are pleased to announce that DIRTT Environmental Solutions has selected Innovative Lighting as a preferred vendor for our GENISYS PoE Lighting System.  DIRTT and Innovative Lighting share a mutual commitment to sustainable technology, innovative solutions, and maximizing efficiency.  GENISYS embodies these commitments and integrates flawlessly with DIRTT’s modular interior solutions platform.  The GENISYS team […]

Cisco Live

Innovative Lighting’s GENISYS team presented at Cisco Live! in the Internet of Things Digital Ceiling Pavilion.  Whew.  A lot of buzzwords there, so let’s break them down: Cisco Live! – an event held by Cisco, a leading networking equipment company, that seeks to educate, inform and introduce new technologies to IT professionals Internet of Things […]

GENISYS Team Enjoys The Body Parts Store Open House

Jason Manley, of Innovative Lighting and its GENISYS brand, was proud to represent the company for The Body Parts Store open house.  The Body Parts Store, a provider of products and services to the auto body industry, was the victim of a disastrous fire in November of 2014.  Being a family owned company, patriarch Jim […]

MidAmerican Aerospace PoE Installation

The GENISYS team recently revisited our installation and MidAmerican Aerospace.  The visionaries at MidAmerican have really done an impressive job – what was once a dilapidated big box store is now a truly stunning space that Innovative Lighting and GENISYS are proud to be a part of.  It was here, at this convergence of creativity […]

Agriculture and GENISYS

The GENISYS team is located in the heart of Iowa, a proud agricultural state.  Even something as natural as farming, though, has undergone a technological renaissance and agriculture has grown increasingly sophisticated over the years. Tractors drive themselves.  Farm managers can remotely monitor an asset’s fuel use, location, and soil amendment applications all in the […]

MidAmerican Aerospace chooses GENISYS

When commercial airliners are 150 feet long and 140,000 pounds, replacement parts tend to be, well, big.  MidAmerican Aerospace, Ltd, masters of airplane maintenance, deal with the challenges of large pieces of advanced technology on a daily basis, ensuring that airlines reduce their AOG (aircraft on ground).  In order to accommodate the increasingly larger aircraft […]

GENISYS Milestone #2: Node Centric Design

GENISYS PoE Lighting Milestones of Innovation Milestone #2 Node Centric Design In our last post we covered first GENISYS PoE Lighting Milestone, Open Power Source Design and being capable of running on any IEEE rated Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) that is able to push 30 or 60 watts per port while using standard RJ45 terminals and […]