The world of lighting is changing faster than ever- its changing right this very moment. LED adoption rates are rising rapidly, Energy Codes are demanding more and control in all new buildings and even in existing buildings at the space level if even 10% of the lighting is updated. The same codes are requiring advanced lighting controls as minimum standards (Daylight Harvesting) in many cases.

This is quite the contrast to a lighting world just 15 years ago when lighting control was an occupancy sensor in a bathroom or private office, sold as an add on option for most businesses.

Today the most commonly deployed lighting controls are “layered over the top” of a fluorescent or LED AC powered system and are not integrated as a complete system. This means additional components, wiring and labor which in almost all cases, included products from a different manufacturer than that of the lighting fixtures.

With GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems from Innovative Lighting, the solution is one fully integrated LED lighting control package with optimized LED fixtures, dimming preset wall switches and multi function sensors capable of Occupancy or Vacancy sensing and Daylight Harvesting.

All of this leverages the elegant simplicity of Power over Ethernet (PoE) low voltage technology powering and controlling all of the lighting components over a simple Cat 6 cable with Plug and Play standard RJ45 jacks.

Any new office building being designed for new construction should strongly consider the GENISYS PoE Lighting System not only for Energy Code compliance, but also because GENISYS presents the opportunity to be a zero sum proposition with no Payback Period or ROI as it is likely the lowest total cost solution by minimizing the A/C High Voltage electrical materials and related labor.

Even in an existing building being gutted and renovated, GENISYS adds value by competing on an installed cost basis with new A/C high Voltage LED systems with Layered over Controls only capable localized or internal to the space capabilities.

Simply stated, GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems are capable of adding significantly increased value in most Commercial, Educational, Healthcare and Institutional style settings by leveraging networking technology to power and control integrated LED lighting systems with standard low voltage Cat 5 or 6 cabling.  See how GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems can do for your business by contacting us today!