Innovative Lighting engineers and manufactures exclusive EcoBrite Precision Optical Performance™ Technology, also known as POP™ Technology. This patented technology allows the LEDs to direct the light output to where it is needed most. EcoBrite LEDs do not create cones of darkness as you move up on a vertical plain, but rather they give a consistent light output without the wasted lumens, thus increasing your usable lumens.

EcoBrite POP™ Technology utilizes high-powered LEDs, combines them with precision optics, and uses the highest-quality materials to provide industry-leading LED light fixtures. Our exclusive POP™ Technology is top notch in visual performance, energy savings, and reduced maintenance costs.

We assemble our EcoBrite LED light fixtures right here in America’s heartland and subject them to rigorous testing. The result is one of the brightest, most efficient LED product lines on the market. It’s capable of focusing light output for any intended application such as warehouse aisles, low-bay production areas, refrigeration cases, or other task-specific locations.

Ecobrite LED Lights