GENISYS PoE Lighting Milestones of Innovation

Across the next few weeks we will be detailing unique GENISYS PoE Lighting Milestones as we have pioneered the development and deployment of Power over Ethernet Lighting.

As one of the oldest LED Lighting Manufactures in the US, Innovative Lighting’s knowledge of LED technology and optics predates the development of white LED light substantially, when LED drivers were not needed as all of the applications were low voltage DC to begin with.

When we started building white light LED fixtures, we already knew that the LEDs did not want or need high voltage A/C power and we as an industry were taking a step backwards with LED technology by powering it inefficiently with high voltage AC power.

GENISYS PoE Lighting Milestone #1 – Open Power Source Design

In 2012, we committed to developing the first Power over Ethernet lighting system which would operate on any IEEE rated power sourcing equipment at 30 or 60 watts per port.

This “open power source” design meant GENISYS PoE Lighting could operate in any networking culture or environment that was preferred by building owners. The choice to be non proprietary at the power sourcing equipment also committed us to using standard category cabling and RJ45 jacks making the system both simple and safe to install.

As a result, our GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems became the first “true” PoE lighting system to both power and control LED lighting at 30 and 60 watts by using the cabling and equipment common to the Networking Industry.

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