MidAmerican Aerospace chooses GENISYS

When commercial airliners are 150 feet long and 140,000 pounds, replacement parts tend to be, well, big.  MidAmerican Aerospace, Ltd, masters of airplane maintenance, deal with the challenges of large pieces of advanced technology on a daily basis, ensuring that airlines reduce their AOG (aircraft on ground).  In order to accommodate the increasingly larger aircraft of the future, MidAmerican Aerospace has had to adapt by growing their space.

Already known as a forward-thinking company, MidAmerican sought to improve not only their company, but also their community and the environment as a whole.   By retrofitting a former retail megastore in a blighted section of Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a bevy of new technologies, MidAmerican Aerospace is fast approaching this goal.

MidAmerican Aerospace identified GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems as one of several key innovative technologies for its new space.  GENISYS fit the bill as an environmentally responsible solution through its robust control and energy management systems, but GENISYS also integrates with the DIRTT modular building platform.

As a fast growing, fast-paced and collaborative work place, MAA had been constrained by the limitations of their existing conventional office walls and wiring locations.  DIRTT was introduced as a means to create a more satisfying and sustainable solution through inherent support of changing technologies and configurations.  The combination of DIRTT and GENISYS provided a future proofed 1-2 punch that would allow MidAmerican the opportunity to change their building’s layout in the future.

The GENISYS team looks forward to the completion of the MidAmerican Aerospace building and salutes the company’s dedication to their community, to the environment, and to their employees.  We will be releasing a case study on the MidAmerican Aerospace facility shortly after project completion and commissioning.