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Our Commercial LED Lighting division offers a multitude of LED products for office & retail, warehouses, large facilities, industrial spaces, outdoor, and horticultural grow lighting. Whether your space is 500-square-foot office or a 500,000-square-foot warehouse, Innovative Lighting has quality solutions for all project types. We are a MidAmerican EnergyAdvantage® Trade Ally Trusted Partner.

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Office LED Lighting

Create a more productive atmosphere for employees by providing quality lighting. If you want to keep your existing light fixture, Innovative Lighting has several retrofit options that will easily convert your fluorescent lighting into LED lighting.  Our Optima family of LED Tubes provide a fool-proof way of retrofitting fixtures as they work with any ballast configuration.  Between the OptiFIT, OptiFIT+ and OptiFIT Max, we have a fast, easy, and cost effective way to put you on the fast track to energy savings.

Retail LED Lighting

Create an atmosphere that makes shoppers feel comfortable & excited to be shopping in your space. Our products offer consistent, high-quality LED lighting that will increase the visual appeal of your displays while decreasing energy costs. Showcase your products in beautiful, money-saving light. Our products utilize exclusive SmoothLite technology.  Extraordinarily easy to install, our low-voltage, dimmable LED lighting technology makes new fixtures a breeze. LED Retrofit Kits are also available so you can save time and money while using your existing fixtures.

Warehouse LED Lighting

Innovative Lighting’s LED Warehouse lighting provides illumination for warehouses, large facilities, industrial buildings, and more. Our lighting products save up to 70% over an HID lighting system. LED warehouse lighting also has six times the life of fluorescent lighting and six times less maintenance costs, all while providing more evenly distributed, pure light.

Outdoor LED Light

Our EcoFit Outdoor LED lighting provides extraordinary benefits for cities and the environment. LED street lights save energy, improve lighting quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help avoid costly programs required to maintain traditional lighting systems. Our EcoFit Outdoor LED lighting is quality manufactured and built to withstand the elements. Intended applications include: parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, streets, roadways, and more.
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