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Our refrigeration division has a variety of LED lighting solutions with our dynamic team available to confidently assist you with product details, free lighting layouts, and peace of mind with quality products engineered by our team.

Our exclusively engineered EcoBrite Precision Optical Performance™ Technology, also known as POP™ Technology, consists of uniquely designed optics that accurately focuses the high-intensity light output of our LED lights making display cases thoroughly lit and more visually appealing from top to bottom. Our exclusive POP™ Technology is top notch in visual performance, energy savings, and reduced maintenance costs.

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Reach-In Cooler Door Lighting

Innovative Lighting’s reach-in door LED lighting utilizes our exclusive EcoBrite technology, which provides an unparalleled distribution of light across the door of a refrigerated case. Great for new OEM cases or any LED conversion of existing fluorescent lighting.

Horizontal Multi-Deck Case LED Lighting

Patented EcoBrite Precision Optical Performance™ Technology drives Innovative Lighting’s multi-deck canopy LED lighting. Count on our superior spread of light with no hot spots on display case shelves or merchandise. Innovative Lighting’s under-shelf LED lighting has adjustable clips to create a fully customizable light setup. Streamlined and a slim-profile design makes the lighting easy to fit into new or existing display cases.

Walk-In Cooler LED Lighting

Innovative Lighting’s walk-in cooler LED overhead lighting provides an industry-leading light output with a low-profile design. Our highly efficient fixtures provide an extraordinary amount of light and thrive in cold environments. Our walk-in cooler lighting also has high-quality construction, shatterproof materials, outstanding efficiency (up to 100 l/W), and low maintenance with easy install.
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